About Swansea Cats and Kittens

Swansea Cats and Kittens has been set up by a group of volunteers who are passionate about helping the cats and kittens in the Swansea area. Some of the volunteers have been helping cats in Swansea for over 25 years.

Swansea Cats and Kittens is run exclusively by volunteers. There are no paid employees which means that every penny that is raised goes towards helping the Cats and Kittens in the Swansea area. Our volunteers are very experienced and are passionate about helping all cats that need help.

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What we do

As we are just starting our new venture, we are currently limited in what we can achieve as we have very limited funds, but we hope to increase our activity over the next weeks and months when we will be back to helping as many cats and kittens as we can.

We will start by concentrating on any vulnerable cats and kittens that need help and bring them into our foster homes where they will be vet checked, treated for worms/fleas, vaccinated, microchipped and if appropriate neutered before they will be ready for homing.