Adoption procedure

If you are looking for a new cat or kitten to welcome into your home, then look no further. We always have a wonderful selection of cats and kittens looking for new families through no fault of their own.

Browse through the cats and kittens we have advertised and have a look for a cat or kitten that you think may fit into your lifestyle. We always try and give a true representation of the cat – good and not-so-good details, as we are passionate about matching the right cat with the right family.

Once you send us an expression of interest via the contact form, our Homing Officer will check to see if you are a good match for that particular cats needs. If successful we will organise a virtual (telephone) home visit. This involves one of our volunteers ringing you for an informal chat and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the cat or the adoption process.

There are no obligations to go ahead with the adoption if you do not feel you are ready to welcome a new member of the family.

During the home visit we chat about whether your chosen cat or kitten will fit into your lifestyle, home environment and family circumstances and how you can prepare your home for your new furry friend.

Both adult cats and kittens will have cost Swansea Cats and Kittens on average £200 - £300 from the point that they are picked up by a volunteer, to when they are ready to be adopted. We ask for a donation of £85 for a cat or kitten but if you feel you are able to donate more than that, we would be very grateful, and this would allow us to help more cats and kittens in the future.

Please note we do not normally home cats on busy roads where the cat has easy access to the road.

Kitten image


We look at every adoption request on an individual basis. We do not normally home a cat where they have access to a busy road but there may be exceptions in certain situations.

We do not ordinarily home cats as indoor cats but there may be certain circumstances when it is better for the cat to be kept indoors. Our volunteers can let you know if we have any indoor cats available.

Swansea Cats will always have a cat that they have homed back if there is a problem. However, please be patient, due to lack of foster homes we may not be able to take the cat back immediately.